My project trofannolismo is a re-imagination of the 1960s Brazilian Tropicália movement from a perspective of rural Wales. Tropicália (or Tropicalismo) was a fusion of political resistance, modernist, avant-garde, indigenous and popular culture. Trofannolismo combines the Welsh word for tropical with the Spanish/Portuguese suffix - ismo. My project responds to the ecological idea that it is often at the edges of things that the most innovation - or emergence - occurs. Working with rural Welsh communities, including Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) and Elan Valley reservoirs, I also focus on communities in South America that are known to me. This reveals common issues, including touristification, local production, water resources and climate change. My recent installation, Eden (2019) was commissioned for Ty Pawb’s new exhibition PLAY-WORK, celebrating play and Wrexham's radical adventure playgrounds in North-East Wales.