My project trofannolismo is a re-imagination of the 1960s Brazilian Tropicália movement from a perspective of rural Wales. Tropicália (or Tropicalismo) was a fusion of political resistance, modernist, avant-garde, indigenous and popular culture. Trofannolismo combines the Welsh word for tropical with the Spanish/Portuguese suffix - ismo. My project responds to the ecological idea that it is often at the edges of things that the most innovation - or emergence - occurs. I am currently working with two rural Welsh communities: Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) and Elan Valley reservoirs. At the same time, I am focusing on two communities in South America that are known to me. This reveals common issues, including touristification, local production, water resources and climate change. In response, I am making a series of cross-cultural assemblages, including botanical beeswax models, photography, printed textiles, collaborative films and YouTube playlists ynys enlli/island in the current/isla en la corriente and afonydd dwfn/deep rivers/uku mayu/los ríos profundos